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Q.1 Is there a registration fee for the participation in events?
Ans: No, YEF events are free of cost for all

Q.2 Does YEF provide travel allowance to participants coming from outside of Islamabad or Rawalpindi?
Ans: No. We don’t provide travel allowance to anyone.

Q.3 How can I publish my research in video on YEF?
Ans: Please send your research to communications@yeforum.com.pk which then will be analysed by YEF team if it can be published through YEF.

Q.4 How I can join YEF team?
Ans: You can join YEF team as 3 or 6 month fellow or 6-week summer intern in following departments:

a) Research and Publications
b) Partnerships and Linkages
c) Social Media
d) Public Relations

Q.5 Is YEF fellowship or internship paid?
Ans: YES. All YEF fellows and interns are given stipends depending on hours/week.

Q.6 How I can volunteer for YEF?
Ans: You can only volunteer if you are selected s YEF Ambassador for you campus.

Q.7 How I can be part of invite only YEF delegations to different organizations?
Ans: As you become member of YEF community as fellow, intern , ambassador or event participant you are invited to be part of delegation according to the value you bring to YEF and how well you can represent views of youth of Pakistan.

Q.8. How can my organization collaborate with YEF?
Ans: Please send your proposal to info@yeforum.com.pk

Q.9 Does YEF sponsor events?
Ans: Yes. Please send proposal to info@yeforum.com.pk

Q.10 What is eligibility criteria to join YEF as fellow or intern.
Ans: Be under the age of 30. Passionate, honest and young critical thinker.

Q.11 What is eligibility criteria to be campus ambassador?
Ans: Be undergraduate or post-graduate student.

Q.12 Can I do analysis of a report, issue or policy with YEF?
Ans: Yes. Please write to our research team at communications@yeforum.com.pk